Surrey Kinesiology
(Active Rehabilition)

Therapy Now is an kinesiology clinic offered to all residents of Surrey. Kinesiology is an effective way to treat discomfort, pain, and functional impairments due to sports, work, and motor vehicle (ICBC) injuries.

Why book Now with Our Kinesiologist in Newton Surrey?

Our kinesiologist has many years experience and creates individual functional movement programs that is relatable to your lifestyle.

At Therapy Now, all our kinesiologists are registered with the British Columbia Association of Kinesiologist. We only hire kinesiologists who are passionate, personable, experienced, knowledgeable and are highly skilled to provide you with the most effective and efficient tailored exercise programs to get you better. Your time slot is only reserved for you to ensure you are getting one-on-one focused, quality treatment.

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woman kneeling beside man
woman kneeling beside man

Did your doctor refer you to get Active Rehabilitation for a motor vehicle injury?

Our kinesiologist is ICBC approved. If you have been in a car accident in a vehicle that has been insured by ICBC, you will initially be covered up to 12 treatments. If further treatment is required, our therapist will contact your adjuster. If your motor vehicle accident date was over 3 months ago a doctors note is required, if not, no doctor's note is required.


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